Author Topic: First Balochi Language TV channel  (Read 3493 times)

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First Balochi Language TV channel
« on: February 13, 2006, 06:10:17 PM »
I have heard afew Rumors of the launching of the First Balochi Channel.... Some call it Balochvoice tv, others call it Baloch television network..

Does anyone have any information abt this channel....

who is the owner, what are its policies, what sort of programs it will show etx...

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First Balochi Language TV channel
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2006, 07:50:26 PM »

This mail from Dr. Imdad Baloch will answer your questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me or him.


To Baloch all over the world!

Dear brothers and sisters!

You all may be aware of the idea of having a tv channel of our own. Munir Mengal Baloch and his genius team has been working on the project for long time, and have come to the conclusion and formulated the complete strategy of the tv channel. All this man, whom i call the savior for Baloch nation, needs is your financial assistance. I on the behalf of Baloch Students Organization completely support him and trust in him. And i ask all the Baloch to come forward and help his team financially and morally to make this Baloch Voice TV channel possible.

We are working with him voluntarily, and taking the responsibility on our shoulders. I ask all Baloch to trust us and invest with Baloch Voice TV.

We need investments in the following categories:

1. There can be 5 main investors of the company, who will buy 10 thousand shares each at the rate of 50 dirhams (uae) each. Each investor in this category will invest 5,00,000 uae dirhams (81,50,000 rupees,,,, 18,75,000 dollars). All of them will be members of board of directors.

2. The second category of the investors is Founder Members. Their total number is 20. Each of them needs to buy 1000 shares, at the rate of 50 dirhams per share. Each investor in this category will invest 50,000 uae dirhams (8,15,000 rupees,,,, 1,87,500 dollars)

3. The third category is of the General Share Holders. They can buy any number of shares.

(please specify how many shares you want to buy while sending me emails, i will give you more details on how we will reach you, when you give me your complete details and your interst of invsetment in Baloch Voice tv channel)

Trust us, and help us! this is our slogan.

Kindly send me emails showing your interest for investment in any category before 10th March 2006.

Please don't waste anytime, and help us make a TV channel of our own.

Looking your way.

Dr. Imdad Baloch
Vice Chairman
Baloch Students Organization
+92 321 2461249
In a revolution, one triumphs or dies.